Fashion Doll Poncho Pattern

The pattern includes both US and UK terms. You may create items for both personal and business uses. The only thing I ask is that you not claim the pattern as your own. Thanks.

This would be a good piece for a beginning knitter. It is all garter stitch. To increase, knit and purl into the same stitch. To decrease, knit two stitches together.

Click to go to pdf file.

Materials: Dollar Tree Crater’s Square 100% acrylic princess yarn.  Green

There is no size on this, but it seems to work up like a size 1 sock yarn.

#3 Knitting needles (3.25mm)

At the widest point I had 4.5 inches (11.03 cm) so about 6.9 st per inch. (2.45 cm).

With #3 (3.25mm) cast on 3 sts. (This is the bottom of the poncho.)

Work in garter st (k every row).

Inc 1 st both ends every other row until there are 31 sts on needle.

Then dec 1 st at the beginning of each row until 12 sts remain on needle.

Then change to ribbing of k1, p1 for 5 rows.

Bind off in ribbing very loosely.

Make another piece exactly the same.

To join the two pieces, sew decreased edges together and the ribbing.


Cut yarn in desired lengths and with a crochet hook, loop a piece in every st along bottom edge.

3 thoughts on “Fashion Doll Poncho Pattern

  1. Sorry previous comment was meant for the top and skirt pattern. But I think I can manage to knit this cute poncho, too.!


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